We have some exciting news coming very soon!  Watch this space!

In the meantime we’d like to give a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came, liked, supported, watched, talked about and spread the word about the 2017 Improvathon, The Space Age and our 2017 Light Night event Journey Into The Unknown – Operation Cidatel.

We look forward to seeing you soon

The Space Age – photo by Ynos Productions
Light Night 2017 – Impropriety’s Journey Into The Unknown – Operation Citadel at Western Approaches. Photo by Rhian Askins



The workshops definitely gave me confidence to actually stand in front of the crowd, as well as improvising. I think it was really fun!


Pupil, Broadgreen International School

Impropriety’s sessions are informal, fun and flexible. Attending them has improved my ability to think on my feet, which has been really useful when delivering training as part of my job.

Mike, Workshop participant