Improvathon 2017

Thank you so much to everyone who made the 2017 Liverpool Improvathon amazing

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How It Works:


Check out these amazing photographs from

The Space Age photo album by Ynos Productions

And also the amazing live art created throughout the 33.5 hours by

The Space Age live art album by Jazamin Sinclair.  These are also for sale.  To find out more Click Here

Thank you so much to everyone who supported  us in our Crowdfunder.  You smashed it!!

Previous Liverpool Improvathons:

2008 – ‘Oh, Wait’
2010 – ‘The Last Resort
2011 – ‘Dearly Beloved’
2012 – ‘Back to the Studio’
2013 – ‘Goin’ West’
2014 – ‘Umbridge’
2015 – ‘Happily Ever After?’
2016 – ‘When In Rome’