2010 – The Last Resort

“Knot your hankies, deck your chairs and knobble your knees!”

Get ready for the Great British Summer! It’s the 1950s and Liverpool’s premier Holiday Camp opens its doors for one weekend only.

In 2010, Impropriety produced it’s first improvathon. Set in a 1950’s Holiday Camp, The Last Resort, it ran for 2010 minutes (33 hours and 30 minutes).

Directed by: Paul Foxcroft, Trevor Fleming and Ian Hayles

Cast:  Stefanie Alexandra, Lewis Bray, Pete Cliff, Ed Croft, Tom Croft, Jack Darell, Trev Fleming, Helen Foster, Paul Foxcroft, Herman Gambhir, Charlotte Gittins, Vicky Glaze, Ian Hayles, Stefano Madariaga, Dannielle Malone, John Mc, Lee McPherson, Siobhan O’Donnell, Paul Robinson, Mark Rawle, Joseph Reynolds,  Owen Scrivens, Gem Skii, Lauren Silver, Kenny Thompson, Angie Waller, Lizy Whiting, Rebecca Whiting

Musicians: Stanley Ambrose, Raphael Goldacre, Ian Hayles, Peter Kelly

To see all the Photos, please click the link below

The Last Resort Gallery


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