2011 – Dearly Beloved

The biggest day of their lives is about to get a whole lot longer. A family wedding, a day full of love, laughter and happiness. What could possibly go wrong?
Will everything go as planned?

Impropriety’s 2011 Improvathon was based around the Mandlebrot and Wolfe families as they prepared for the wedding of the year. The show ran for 2011 minutes (33 hours and 31 minutes)

Directed By: Paul Foxcroft and Rosie Wilkinson

Cast: Lucas Adamson, Stefanie Alexandra, Amanda Bolt, Lewis Bray, Mark Conway, Ed Croft, Jack Darell, Trev Fleming, Helen Foster, Herman Gambhir, Charlotte Gittins, Vicky Glaze, Ian Hayles, John Mc, Lee McPherson, Siobhan O’Donnell, Paul Robinson, Mark Rawle, Joseph Reynolds,  Owen Scrivens,  Lauren Silver, Angie Waller

Musicians: Laurie Crombie, Sam Crombie, Carl Davies, Neale Davis, Rob Owen, Ian Hayles,

Gallery: If you’d like to see all the photos from the show, please go to the following link:

Dearly Beloved Gallery

In a first for Impropriety, Dearly Beloved was live blogged for the entire duration of the show by Doctor Captain Lee Isserow. You can read the blog in its 25,000 word entirety right here

Dearly Beloved Liveblog


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